Pictures by robots, with robots, or with roboticists 2013-02-05

Highlights of 2016

October 2016: hanging out with Nok the immortal.

Caltech, 2008

(Dennice Gayme, John Doyle,
Sawyer Fuller in the background)
nuTonomy, 2016

(self-driving car in the background)

April 2016: the big Duckietown demo.

Feburary 2016: the first lecture of my life.

Highlights of 2015

December 2015: the elves building Duckietown. (video!)

Summer 2015, "school trip" to Kiva Robotics

August 2015, Taipei: hanging out with Rod

August 2015, at RSS: distributing more duckies (with Luca Carlone, John Leonard, Liam Paull, and surprise Wolfram Burgard from behind).

Highlights of 2014

August 2014: Speakers at CDS@20. It's basically a bookshelf.

before 2014

May 2013, Caltech: an intimate experience

November 2012, Zurich: Seen by a Turtlebot

July 2010, Pasadena: Seen by an Evolution Robotics ER-1. This picture documents the middle of the period when I spent my life in a sub-basement lab.

August 2004, Barcelona, Spain: Sapienza University's Robocup Rescue team. (Left to right: me, Luca Marchionni, Giorgio Grisetti, Daniele Calisi, Luca Iocchi, Sharam Bahadori.)

August 2000, Billund, Denmark: With a Lego R2-D2 in the original Legoland.