BDS 2012-12-05

Andrea Censi and Richard M. Murray. Bootstrapping bilinear models of robotic sensorimotor cascades. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). Shanghai, China, May 2011. supp. material slides


Abstract --- We consider the bootstrapping problem, which consists in learning a model of the agent's sensors and actuators starting from zero prior information, and we take the problem of servoing as a cross-modal task to validate the learned models. We study the class of bilinear dynamics sensors, in which the derivative of the observations are a bilinear form of the control commands and the observations themselves. This class of models is simple yet general enough to represent the main phenomena of three representative robotics sensors (field sampler, camera, and range-finder), apparently very different from one another. It also allows a bootstrapping algorithm based on hebbian learning, and that leads to a simple and bioplausible control strategy. The convergence properties of learning and control are demonstrated with extensive simulations and by analytical arguments. We further develop the theory by introducing the class of bilinear gradient dynamics sensors, and we present an application to real world camera data.


Source code

All the source code is available on github in a series of repositories. The documentation is still scarce, but I'm working on it (inquiring about it speeds up the process.)

  • bvenv is a meta-package that contains scripts to pull the other projects from github. It is advised to download only this package directly, and then use the scripts to download the others.

The repositories included in the meta-package are the following.

  • bvexp201007 contains the code that manages the simulations. It uses the other packages as libraries.

  • pybv is a python simulator of the various sensors and random environments.

  • raytracer is a C++ raytracer used by pybv to simulate a range-finder.

  • json-c is a port to Ansi C, with some addons, of a popular C JSON library, used by the raytracer.

  • [snp_geometry] contains some utils to manipulate poses.

  • reprep is a library used for creating reports in html (for inspection) and their latex versions (for publishing).

  • compmake is a parallel "make" for batch python processes -- the weeks I used to write this were well repaid by the time it made me save for the bootstrapping simulations.


The ICRA submission points to these videos:

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