Accurate estimate of ICP’s covariance 2006-12-02

Andrea Censi. An accurate closed-form estimate of ICP's covariance. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 3167–3172. Rome, Italy, April 2007. pdfdoi supp. material slidesbibtex

Abstract -- Existing methods for estimating the covariance of the ICP (Iterative Closest/Corresponding Point) algorithm are either inaccurate or are computationally too expensive to be used online. This paper proposes a new method, based on the analysis of the error function being minimized. It considers that the correspondences are not independent (the same measurement being used in more than one correspondence), and explicitly utilizes the covariance matrix of the measurements, which are not assumed to be independent either. The validity of the approach is verified through extensive simulations: it is more accurate than previous methods and its computational load is negligible. The ill-posedness of the surface matching problem is explicitly tackled for under-constrained situations by performing an observability analysis; in the analyzed cases the method still provides a good estimate of the error projected on the observable manifold.

Additional material

  • A C implementation of the method is provided as part of CSM. The CSM package contains also a Matlab implementation (which was used for the experiments in the paper), but they are not as documented.

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The joy of reviews :-)

Reviewer 1: The presentation of all relevant symbols in Table I was useful.
Reviewer 2: Table I is never referenced in the text, and does not help to understand the paper.

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