Recent talks 2014-03-27

These are slides for recent talks I gave. I aim to make public all slides from all public talks; if one is not included, feel free to ask.

“Monotone Co-Design Problems: or, everything is the same” .
“Robots Learning like Babies”, presented at the 2015 Taipei ILP-Epoch Foundation workshop on Meet the future of robotics and machine learning in the innovation economy.
“Co-design of sensing, computation, and actuation”, presented at ICRA 2015 in the workshop on Beyond Geometric Constraints: Planning for Solving Complex Tasks, Reducing Uncertainty, and Generating Informative Paths & Policies, but really an ad for The Big Questions in Robotics RSS 2015 workshop.

A recent talk (May 2015) about my learning work.

“PyContracts”, presented at the Boston Python User Group. See docs at:
“20 Years of Vehicles at CDS, in twenty-five minutes and zero formulas”, presented at the CDS@20 workshop celebrations (CDS@20, Murray@50+ε, Doyle@60, Åström@80).
“Low-latency Event-based Visual Odometry”, presented at ICRA 2014 as a regular paper.